Where to start, revenue or member engagement?

Its time to embrace a CRM

Your objectives are to grow the organisation’s revenue, diversify from existing revenue streams and increase the engagement from your members, while acquiring new ones.  Member requirements are changing so fast, servicing existing members and not leaving them behind while evolving and expanding can feel like an uphill battle.

Looking at a recent Memberwise digital survey you are not alone*. “this is the third year that member engagement has ranked as the top goal. Acquisition takes a top two ranking for the fourth year in a row, while retention returns to the top three positions”.

Knowing where to start is half the battle!

  • Do very little or nothing
    While tweaking existing resource and refocus of efforts can help you grow in the short term, it won’t fix the problems you are faced with and will prevent sustained growth.
  • Adapt/Re-train
    Looking at the systems, processes, skills and knowledge in the existing organisation can help you refocus and realign your effort. Lining up the whole organisation behind common goals and breaking down the silos can really make a difference.
    Asking yourself those tough questions – do you have the right skills in the organisation today, can you re-train or do you need to evolve?  Do your systems allow you to do what you need to do? What are the processes you use, are they fit for purpose?  Do you know who your members are today, can you segment them?  Who are you trying to attract going forward?
    Identifying those gaps and understanding your members will help you plan and make the right decisions on changes needed in the organisation.  Some may be relatively simple, which can be implemented quickly, while others larger and more complex – being able to evaluate what you have first is key and the first step to moving forward.  In many organisations, the base data exists ready to be used, but the right skills and processes are not in place.
  • Digital Transformation
    While this sits in the more complex box if you have gathered your business requirements the process can be far less daunting. Clearly embarking on this journey does require more resource and budget but the potential rewards far outbalance the initial fears.

We have written some articles over the last few months focusing on the steps and potential pitfalls along this process, have a read and we are always happy to provide advice and guidance along the way.

Chrysalis Digital provides a digital transformation service designed to help build a more agile, efficient and innovative organisation. With its broad cross-sector experience Chrysalis has helped many organisations map their digital path and through careful planning and assessment, choose the right technology partners.   Chrysalis Digital is 100% agnostic when recommending CMS and CRM suppliers to its clients.

If you need any help with the next steps in your journey, please call Ben Sturt on 07469 768990 or email info@chrysalisdigital.co.uk
*Memberwise digital excellence survey 2019

07 February 2019

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