Requirements gathering

With you, we will define your new CRM, website and technology requirements.

With you, we will define your new CRM, website and technology requirements. This is not technology-led, but focuses on identifying the needs from across the business, ensuring that you have a clear picture of the current, ‘As Is’ state and where you need to get too, the ‘To Be’ state. Our goal is to ensure we are driving efficiencies across the business whilst improving services and increasing member value and engagement.

As every organisation is unique the requirements gathering can include all or some of the below and we tailor our service to suit you:

Understand and map your business processes for your new CRM and/or Website

Business processes often grow organically over time and once, short term fixes become long term solutions, not ideally suited. Our experienced team will work closely with across your organisation to comprehensively map out those processes into what we call an ‘As Is’ (current state) which often reveals many common challenge areas that make the processes inefficient. Using the ‘As Is’ processes we will determine the “To Be’ state and redesign your business processes, ensuring they are fit for purpose, efficiently working and aligning across the business, removing any organisational silos.

System and database audit

We know that alongside your standard CRM and website, the organisation will have adopted several other technologies and software packages. Over time these too can become siloed in their uses resulting in inefficiencies and duplication of efforts. The Chrysalis Digital team will review the full suite of technologies being used, their purpose, function and benefit to the organisation. Post review, we will provide you with a ‘To Be’ state of your digital estate supporting the mapped business processes.

Data audit across the organisation and data governance review where required

Data should be the cornerstone to your business. First, by undertaking a full data audit from across your systems (from CRM to internal excel spreadsheets) we can start to consolidate your data. Second, through a period of Data discovery, a deep dive analysis looking at data trends, patterns, value, frequency etc. Finally, with this knowledge, we will recommend what data should be cleaned and what data needs to be archived cross-checking your future data strategy.

Risk Management

Even a planned programme of change such as the changes associated with a CRM/website review and replacement, or a wider digital transformation project will often not have an agreed change plan and this is when organisations can slip up as they make it up as they go along! The Chrysalis Digital team will ensure you become change ready. Read more

Remember changing your requirements once the project is in flight will not only impact the time scales but the costs too – potentially resulting in a sub-optimal solution. Investing now will, of course, save you time and money in the long run!

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