Just imagine if you could rely on the dedicated input of an external Chief Digital Officer (CDO) working with you on an outsourced basis?

Maybe you don’t have sufficient internal digital resource or perhaps you need some interim digital leadership to cover resourcing gaps. This is someone that can become part of your internal team to help you develop ‘best practice’ digital and data strategies and oversee their implementation.

With Chrysalis you will be able to specify the amount of fixed resource you need on a monthly basis whilst minamising risk.

No obligation discussion

Our starting point is an exploratory discussion of your current digital and data issues in the context of your organisation’s objectives, constraints, budgets and future plans. This in turn will provide the basis of an outsourcing proposal that summarises your immediate priorities and identifies the scope of support you require.

Experience on tap

Our wealth of proven leadership of many such digital projects means that you will be able to outsource with confidence knowing that we have the in-depth experience that is required – as well as the highly developed skills for leading change throughout your organisation.

Short or long term support

Whether you need short or long term, on-site or off site support, Chrysalis provides a flexible and adaptable resource to suit your plans and budgets to help you effectively digitise your organisation.

Monthly support agreement

This generally involves putting in place a monthly support agreement that specifies the amount of days’ support you require on a monthly basis. This can be varied to best fit your requirements.

No HR issues

The advantage of this service is that you can benefit from all the acumen you would expect from an in-house CDO but without the usual HR issues. There is no requirement for a long-term contract. We simply agree a notice period from the outset, should you ever at some point wish to terminate the agreement.