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Risk Management

The Chrysalis Digital team will ensure project readiness across your team.

Change can be planned, it can happen due to an emergency or a crisis in business but is normally generated by process improvements/alterations or due to new regulations. Even a planned programme of change such as the changes associated with a CRM/website review and replacement, or a wider digital transformation project will often not have an agreed risk assessment and change plan and this is when organisations often slip up as they become reactive, rather than proactive and make it up as they go along!

The Chrysalis Digital team will ensure you become change ready in three crucial areas:

  1. Encourage participative work within your teams
  2. Give your employees a voice
  3. Drive any fear out of your teams

To help you through this change we will craft a risk management and implementation plan that is simple, structured and achievable, has specific roles and responsibilities and a plan that can flex as change programs evolve as the project roles out.

Importantly we will also help you implement how you communicate this program to your organisation about what it plans to do, why it’s taking place, what is the scope, what hurdles we can expect and how will success be measured.

Change is best initiated at the beginning of any project but if you find yourself partway through and recognise the need to better manage the change then we have the expertise and experience to get your organisation back on track to a successful outcome.

We can all learn from good times and bad times. Let us ensure that when delivering a new CRM/Website project or wider digital transformation program, it is delivered with a wider and encompassing MoC plan.

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