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Digital Discovery

We’ll quickly get you from what’s not working to designing a digital roadmap that will deliver against your strategic objectives.

We will work closely with you to understand your digital estate, what’s not working and where you need to get to, designing a digital road map that enables you to reach your key business objectives.

As the need for you to improve your online services and accessibility increases with member demand, knowing where to focus becomes harder and harder. Consistently over the last four years, member engagement has been topping the list of improvements needed (Digital Excellence (2021/22) Report by Memberwise) More recently this has moved to organisations needing to prove they offer their members value.

For this to happen there are many points to assess and consider, lots of the existing infrastructure may already be in place but processes need to change and perhaps resource needs to be adapted. We know that rip and replace is not always the answer, therefore a full assessment on your situation will guide all recommendations focused on helping you evolve from a siloed state to a single view of your members.

This can be hard to assess internally but we are here to help you on the journey.

  • We will design a digital road map aligned with your company strategy, highlighting quick wins that you can implement fast.
  • Partner with you to build a business case that will be needed to secure the required funding you seek from your boards, committees and councils.
  • We review business processes and systems to boost your organisations’ performance and ensure that we maximise the value of existing solutions while recommending improvements and adaptations needed to reach your goals.
  • Understand how is your member data managed, is it connected, is it in multiple databases? Do you have a single member view? Can you interrogate this and make data-driven decisions?
  • Recommend changes to ensure an enduring digital resources and capability in-house

We have over 20 years of experience working within the membership and the NFP sector, based on this we know that every journey is individual.

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