Not understanding Risk can be more painful than stepping on ‘small plastic bricks’!!

Lego pieces

You’re about to commission probably one of the largest investments your organisation has ever embarked upon so surely, you’d want some insurance or peace of mind that it’s going to be a success?

Yet every year transformational digital projects are delivered with underwhelming results which are poorly adopted across the team, meaning after spending 10’s of thousands of pounds, or even more, there have been minimal gains for the organisation and its members.

Listen to your staff.

Does this sound familiar, Why wouldn’t the staff embrace a new system, they are all saying they are ready for something new, surely it will be a roaring success?

Failed projects are usually born from making this type of assumptions, that you know the risks, yet you have not devoted enough time to communicating with the team to really understand what the team are thinking.

Typically, team members although keen for a new system will often have thoughts such as,

  • Automation of systems, will I lose my job?
  • Members like to speak with us, they’re going to hate this
  • I don’t have time to learn a new system
  • How will this system be better than the last
  • No-one asked me what I wanted
  • This could help but I’ll need help getting the team to adopt the new system

So, you need to reduce this risk by getting buy in from your team by understanding their behaviour. Determine your team’s motivation to change, their ability to change and commitment to change.

Cirrus Change®

Working alongside Starkweather we deliver the Cirrus Change® Management for technology adoption through an online risk management programme supported by expert change managers. We study your team’s readiness that allows us to identify staff perceptions, feelings, knowledge, and psychological traits that may slow down your change project. 

Being part of the programme will significantly reduce your risk, help you understand your internal capability and ultimately set you up for a successful technology project with operational success and growth the outcomes.

What is Cirrus Change? – download this guide to learn more.

Chrysalis Digital provides a digital transformation and risk management service designed to help build a more agile, efficient, and innovative organisation. With its broad cross-sector experience Chrysalis has helped many organisations map their digital path and through careful planning and assessment, choose the right technology partners.   Chrysalis Digital is 100% agnostic when recommending CMS and CRM suppliers to its clients.

If you need any help with the next steps in your journey, please call Ben Sturt on 07469 768990 or email

23 March 2021

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