The Independent Surveyor and Valuers Association (ISVA)

The Independent Surveyor and Valuers Association (ISVA)

The Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association (ISVA) knew that they had to refresh their website to continue to provide a good service to their members, old and new ….but budgets were very limited.  The main objective was to provide more valuable content online and increase member engagement while raising their public profile for new members – only using existing tools.

Knowing where to start and focus is half of the problem, therefore they asked Chrysalis Digital to help them look at their options and create a realistic and achievable plan.  The very first step was to workshop the current situation, fully understand the challenges so that a complete picture could be established.

A broad spectrum of the ISVA board was asked to join the half-day session to ensure that the input covered all the business requirements, this guaranteed that the action plan was fully aligned across the organisation. During the session, it was clear that existing resources should be maximised, and improvements made without replacing the current systems.  Chrysalis Digital used this session to construct a report that provided a structured check list of actions, giving the ISVA a step by step plan helping them to move from where they are today to their desired state over time.

The first step has been to design a new site map – which has been completed and is pending approval, this combined with the content that has been written will start the transformation.  Making these changes, however small, can make a huge difference to member engagement – the ISVA aim to start as many of the recommendations over the next 12 months as possible.

“I cannot recommend Ben of Chrysalis Digital highly enough!  He is extremely helpful and excellent at communication.  He offers a first-rate service and is always on hand to advise and assist”

Kathryn Green – Council Member

 With a structured plan in place, the ISVA were able to focus their time on areas they could change, rather than getting bogged down in ones they couldn’t.

 Chrysalis Digital provides a digital transformation service designed to help build a more agile, efficient and innovative organisation. With its broad cross-sector experience Chrysalis has helped many organisations map their digital path and through careful planning and assessment, choose the right technology partners.   Chrysalis Digital is 100% agnostic when recommending CMS and CRM suppliers to its clients.

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