Make the most of Google Analytics data

Its time to embrace a CRM

As this new way of working extends and we have to adapt, there are some great analytics tools available for your website which will give you a snapshot of your member interaction. We have created a 3-minute video to give you an overview of Google Analytics, a free tool designed to help you focus your time and energy.

Chrysalis Digital provides a digital transformation service designed to help build a more agile, efficient and innovative organisation. With its broad cross-sector experience Chrysalis has helped many organisations map their digital path and through careful planning and assessment, choose the right technology partners. Chrysalis Digital is 100% agnostic when recommending CMS and CRM suppliers to its clients.

If you need any help with the next steps in your journey or just want some unbiased advice please call Ben Sturt on 07469 768990 or email

23 April 2020

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