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If the current pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that change can happen at any time. Whilst we have seen both stories of success and failure, lessons have been learnt by just about every organisation. One thing is consistent across the board, technology and technological infrastructure have been pivotal to the performance outcomes.

It would be great if you could spare just 10 mins of your time to complete the below survey, we will be using this to inform a whitepaper which we are preparing with memcom, focusing on how and where to start your digital journey, or if you are part way along already some of the areas to consider.

Take the Survey

This survey is completely anonymous but if you are happy for any comments to be attributed to you please add your name and email on to the questionnaire. Also as participants, we would like to offer you the first view of the white paper, therefore please provide your email when submitting your answers and we will ensure that you receive one of the first digital copies.

Closing date for survey responses – 11th September 2020

12 August 2020

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