Have you cracked the member engagement nut

Have you cracked the membership nut

As your members demand more online you have to adapt, embracing this presents a great opportunity to grow your organisation.

Never have you had the ability to know so much about your membership base, what they like, what they visit, what is and isn’t working, how your communications have worked.  It is all at your fingertips!  Using this data to both set the strategy, fast changes and tweaks – this is something that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided.

In a recent study from MemberWise it states that 46% of organisations are tracking their members in the member area, but only 12% feel that the extracting value/business intelligence from this data* Whilst the tracking figure is on the up and positive, analysing the data for business value is lagging far behind.  Driving member engagement is top priority, so using this data effectively to help target and personalise content has never been more important.

MemberWise also state that more than half of the people surveyed are reporting the web analytics to senior management which again is a promising statistic, while only 10% are focused on the engagement scores as part of the process.  Using data effectively does demand you have the right tools but also the analytical skills to translate the detail in actionable insight.  If this is done with a more regular cadence, this provides you with the data to back up and drive decisions.

When you look at some of the large supermarkets, they have developed very sophisticated and successful loyalty membership programmes designed to look at all the buying patterns and target individuals with personalised offers based on their engagement patterns.  Whilst this may not suit your business exactly it a great example of combining the behaviour and emotions of their members while allowing them to stay in charge and feel the value.

As long as you have the tools in place a digital footprint is left with almost all online interactions, in fact the lack of data is not normally the problem we see – it is the confidence and the ability to interpret this that people struggle with.  Understanding the art of the possible as well as the gaps with the skills and data today is half the battle.   Once you understand this making a plan based on your business requirements will help you structure for the future.

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08 February 2019

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