Gut feeling or data-driven

Data driven or gut feel

As we move fast into 2020, understanding and improving the digital experience your members have is critical. You need to take your members and potential members on a journey and nurture them to become long term members and advocates, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing… do this you need to take a step back from the day to day activity and think holistically about your member interaction and activity.

Increasing your current member engagement has been stated amongst the top challenges for the last three years for membership organisations (stated in the Memberwise digital excellence survey 2019). This is the ongoing battle, but understanding more about your members will enable you to target them with relevant information for them and increase that engagement.

A single view of your members’ activity is a key element in improving member engagement and therefore retention but also in attracting new members, to achieve this you need to get a handle on the siloed databases. Understanding where and with what your members are engaging with will help you tailor information to them, increasing relevance and personalisation. 88% (stated in the Memberwise digital excellence survey 2019) of members expect an optimised journey online that saves them time.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are – are your members engaging with emails/offers/events and how are you remarketing to them based on their activity or are you treating them all the same? Do you measure the effectiveness of the activity that you are running, for example, are you looking at the engagement and number of interactions on social. Who are coming to your events, what sessions are they engaging in? Are you looking at this by size of organisation or type of member? Have you asked them for feedback? A simple but effective tool is a short member survey. Are you looking for trends and patterns that will help you tailor and target?

Collecting and analysing the data available to you and mapping your member interaction is key to your growth, if you are not able to access this data, you need too! There is always a lot to think about but if you take out some of the guesswork and make data-driven decisions it all becomes a bit simpler and supports future investment decisions.

If you need help starting this journey or hints and tips along the way never be afraid to ask.

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