#1 Project goals/objectives

This blog forms part of an educational campaign we are running to help membership organisations through the complexities of digital transformation projects, at all stages from early planning to go-live and ongoing adoption. As the blogs are released the links below will automatically become live.

  • #1 Project goals/objectives
  • #2 Resourcing
  • #3 Requirements gathering/tender documentation
  • #4 Supplier Selection
  • #5 Project Management
  • #6 Implementation
  • #7 Change Management

Project goals/objectives

The CEO/SMT are responsible for ensuring that an organisation has a vision for its future development and clear plans to continually improve its service to members. The ongoing development and improvement of CRM systems and website platforms are fundamental but how can you ensure that all stakeholders share this vision? How can you ensure that everyone can work towards this common goal?

It’s up to the senior team to set the strategic framework – and supporting budgets – but how can you ensure a ‘buy in’ from all stakeholders as a starting point for the project?

More importantly, how can you develop a robust business case with measurable benefits that will receive board approval?

CEO/SMT questions

  • What audit have we undertaken to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the strengths/weaknesses of the current software systems we are using?
  • What external user testing has been conducted with members and staff?
  • What analysis has been undertaken to ensure that a system upgrade will deliver the solutions that meet our needs and our members needs?
  • Have we fully identified how these upgraded platforms will enhance the operational performance of our organisation?
  • What are the costs and payback?
  • Does our organisation have the capability and objectivity to critically examine itself?
  • Have we used external references to ensure that project goals reflect best digital and data practice?
  • Are there realistic knowledge based guidelines on budgets, priorities, deliverables and timescales? 
  • What change management processes do we need to put into place?
  • How can we best develop a sound and authoritative business case for Board approval?

Staff questions

  • Is the project really necessary? 
  • How and why will it improve services to members?
  • How will it improve the performance of my department?
  • How will it make my work life easier?
  • Has there been sufficient consultation to ensure that the project fully reflects the needs of my department? 
  • Why hasn’t someone asked us about our departments viewpoints?
  • Has my contribution to the project been reflected in my yearly plan and objectives?

Supplier questions

  • What is the client aiming to achieve with this project?
  • Are their goals, objectives and timescales realistic and achievable?
  • Will the scope of the project be worthwhile? 
  • How competitive is our technology in helping them achieve their goals?
  • What are the risks?
  • Does the client have sufficient budget to achieve its goals?
  • Would a successful outcome deliver a long term profitable relationship?

Chrysalis Digital: Ben Sturt: viewpoint

“The value of an independent data and digital consultancy specialising in membership based organisations is that they have broad experience, specialist in-depth knowledge and wide ranging insights into current market trends. Yes, every organisation is unique but I would say that approximately 90% of our work is helping to solve critical problems that have already been encountered by other similar organisations.

So an external consultancy can provide you with a very sound, quick and objective assessment of your project goals, objectives, budgets and plans before you make any commitments. It also provides Board Members with a complete assessment of how the project will deliver your strategic objectives, the associated risks and costs and provides an authoritative briefing to enable them to come to an informed decision on whether to approve the project.

Just as importantly it can identify if there are any ‘quick wins’ from existing systems and technology that can make an instant impact to operational performance.

Together this will undoubtedly build project confidence amongst both staff and suppliers”

If you’d like to discuss what you have read above, or learn more, then please either call David Darrah on 07940 524197 or Ben Sturt on 07469 768990, and we will be happy to help.