Lawyers in local Government (LLG)

Member value and digital efficiency

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) are adopting the latest digital technology to take them firmly into the 21st century, ensuring that they have a close eye on future digital development.

Their content management system (CMS/website) was out of date, not delivering automation or any self-service efficiency that they needed. Staff were bogged down in day-to-day process, stopping creativity, and inhibiting productivity.

‘When you have a small team leveraging available automation and minimising internal process is vital, not just for business efficiencies but for staff development and morale.’

Deborah Evans, Chief Executive, LLG

LLG wanted to take the next leap forward but didn’t know where to begin or what was available to them, not having the expertise in house they looked out into the market for support. After talking to several consultants and attending a few industry events, LLG appointed Chrysalis Digital to work alongside them on this project.

‘Ben’s in-depth knowledge of the Membership sector, his ability to leverage experience in similar organisations, combined with his supplier agnostic approach made him our first choice.

Deborah Evans

LLG’s business requirements were fully mapped out, focusing on the now, but also looking in detail on where they plan to go. Chrysalis Digital was able to help them look at all the processes they had in place today, so that they could be evolved, or automated. Many of their processes were built many years ago and required people to make decision, automation gave LLG several obvious time savings and immediate benefits, whilst simplifying their business.

Chrysalis Digital used the detailed business requirements to help them to set a realistic budget for their CMS project, ensuring that LLG were able to achieve their desired outcomes.

‘The fact that Chrysalis Digital is supplier agnostic gives you a real feeling of confidence. Ben was able to help us navigate some very heavy weight documents, identifying what was important. An expert eye here was invaluable, being able to spot what’s missing is down to experience.

Deborah Evans

LLG understand that implementing a new CMS system is a big internal cultural change and they wanted to ensure that everyone would benefit from using the new system, detailed training for all staff was scheduled and implemented.

‘This is a tool for everyone, as a small team we need to be interchangeable, anyone can post to the website, add a member, add details of a meeting.’  

Deborah Evans

Chrysalis Digital was asked to extend their contract and provide continued support during the build, user acceptance testing and to oversee the implementation. This dedicated and consistent view on the project has enabled LLG to have continuity on the project, while ensuring that their small team continue to drive the business forward and service their 4500 members.

‘Our team were ready for change; the old website was a manual burden and now we have a great system, many automated processes, increased member self-service areas, allowing LLG staff to refocus on proactively driving value for our members.’

Deborah Evans

The new CMS went live in January 2022, while like many new websites, there are a few snagging issues, but they recognised the benefits of automation efficiencies and member self-service almost immediately. The implementation underpins many of the strategic initiatives that LLG have in their plan and has taken them firmly into the 21st century and the work that they did during the planning phase has enabled them to have a clear path of future developments.

‘We will be focusing on maximising what we have in the short term, with a view to maximising the technological evolutions around communities and forums’, this has been such a great boost for the organisation.’

Deborah Evans

We couldn’t have done this without Ben, we would have got nowhere near. His strategic direction, thought provoking conversations and his willingness to dive into the detail has driven this project forward.’

Deborah Evans

Chrysalis Digital provides a digital transformation service designed to help build a more agile, efficient and innovative organisation. With its broad cross-sector experience Chrysalis has helped many organisations map their digital path and through careful planning and assessment, choose the right technology partners. Chrysalis Digital is 100% agnostic when recommending CMS and CRM suppliers to its clients.

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