Knowing where to start

Business case

Gaining approval for your digital project

Getting approval for large digital and transformational projects can be challenging. Building a business case is often the best way to both educate and gain approval from your Board and senior stakeholders.

We’ll work closely with your senior team to understand the organisations vision and strategy, your technology and digital systems, the processes and the outcomes you need.  We take these elements and seek to uncover the benefits versus costs, and risks of not completing the project.  The do-nothing option is often the key driver for the business case.

With you, we will identify the compelling case for change, set budgets, provide recommendations on the correct technology to procure and a supporting digital roadmap to follow.

All our services are outcome driven and developing business case is no different. By identifying the return of investment from the digital project or programme we can ensure affordability to the organisation in the timeframe set.

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