Budgets are tight, but you need to grow

Your objectives are clear

Increasing member engagement remains the top goal for the third year running stated in the 2019 digital excellence report by Memberwise, as budgets get tighter and we are all trying to do more with less there are a few areas that we can take a step back and review. The answer is not always to change the tools, it can sometimes be adjusting or renewing processes or training – many of the systems we have in place do much more than we are using. We have put together some thoughts on areas that may bring quick wins within your current set up.

Member area redesign
This is not an overhaul of the whole website but reviewing the structure and design on your members’ areas, this can be fairly quick and bring fast return as it enables you to communicate with members about the changes you have made. You can also ask for their feedback on areas to develop and areas to improve. Put your member hat on and think how they would navigate the content, often member sections on your website have grown as the organisation has evolved and the structure/files are not in the most logical order.

Many organisations have analytics set up on their site, either Google Analytics or maybe one that is built into their CMS (content management system), are you using the data to help drive decisions and developments? In many cases, minimal time is spent understanding user behaviour, user flows,  engagement rates, referral channels etc. Providing training to staff can ensure that far greater insight can be drawn from the data.

Social media analytics
A great deal of basic information can be gleaned by understanding your social media analytics, providing staff with training can ensure that you are able to use this.  Combined with your website analytics this can be very powerful when determining key areas of focus.

  1. Traffic – understanding what content and audience type is driving traffic to your website
  2. Engagement – indicating what content is generating the most comments, likes, shares, mentions
  3. Reach and impressions – it’s a softer measurement, but this shows how posts are reaching the audience
  4. Conversions – how can you drive sales, whether it’s event bookings, membership signups and renewals through organic content

Digital Content
The age-old saying of quality over quantity, do you have an owner on your site content today? This obviously doesn’t have to be one person but does need to be the responsibility of one area of the organisation. This team needs to champion both producing and/or reviewing content to ensure that it is consistent and of high-quality, when multiple areas do this the content and quality become very disjointed and inconsistent.
Have you evaluated using video content to reach and communicate with your membership? Hubspot* released some video marketing stats in December 2018 showing.

  • 54% of consumers prefer video
  • One-third of all online activity is spent watching video

There is a clear indication in the research that people tend to skim most written and audio content. If you want someone’s full attention, video is a great bet!  Mobile users tend to seek more social media and video content. They’re less likely to want long-form content, podcasts, or research, with the rapid rise in mobile users this is something to address.

We have written several articles that may be of interest on your digital journey, from planning what is next through to helpful hints and tips along the way. Never be afraid to ask, we are always happy to offer unbiased advice and recommendations.

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* Hubspot marketing 2018 – the future of content Marketing