Adapting fast to working from home (WFH)

Working from home (WFH) can take some adapting too, but in light of the recent challenges, we thought that we would put together our thoughts. As a team that has done this for years, here are a few of our common tips to help smooth the transition.

  1. Stick to a routine
    Get up, get dressed, similarly prepare yourself as you would do going to the office. This can help get motivated for work, if this is a new experience for you it can seem silly but it will help with the transition and keep you motivated.
  2. Stick to your normal work hours
    While it is easy to get carried away and bogged down in an activity, make sure that you have regular breaks, lunch and then switch off. You will also find ‘extra’ time in your day that you would usually use for commuting where you can do more of those personal activities.
  3. Create a workspace
    You must have a comfortable space to work from, but also something that you can close down and walk away from at the end of the day. If you have a study, great, but if not don’t despair, a comfortable chair and a table can be enough, as long as it is somewhere you can pack up/close down.
  4. Fresh air
    Get outside and have a short walk to refresh the mind-body and soul.  Just because you are WFH doesn’t mean you have to be stuck to your desk.
  5. Speak to colleagues
    WFH can feel lonely, pick up the phone rather than just email. Many of us are in the same boat so this can be a welcome distraction. Or, one step further is start to video call, this can be a little bit daunting at first but it is something that you soon get used too. There are loads of tools available that can be used for this.

We hope this helps a little in the transition to home working if there is anything we can do we are just a phone call away.

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16 February 2019

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